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On writing and not writing

I sometimes wish that I could write the way I could when I was younger, before I crossed over to academia. I have these memories of being able to write in a really skilled manner that captured the pain that is life in a simple but non-tacky manner. At least that’s how I remember it. […]

Sensory deprivation in Vienna

The past week it’s been like I’ve been living with blinders on. I’ve become extremely isolated in some ways. I live alone, and every day I leave my place to wander the city. All (most) of the words that surround me are in a language I don’t speak, so it’s all an unintelligible tangle of […]

Poisson d’Avril


Funky Towel

I watched “Joe’s Apartment” last night with my boyfriend. It’s a very 90s movie about this guy who lives in a crappy apartment in the East Village that is infested with talking/singing cockroaches. It had its moments…. such as this, which I now have stuck in my head.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board still sucks and still doesn’t really want to help victims of crime.

Sensational, I know, but it’s actually true. See, I was hoping to start going to see a therapist again, but Criminal Injuries has to approve my request to have therapy expenses covered (as part of their “benefits” for victims).  Pesky rape victims! Always trying to play the rape card to get things their way! Skip to […]

emo jerk/pseudoscience bullshit/penguins/cheer up, asshole.

Being an emo jerk  For the last few weeks, I have been feeling pretty shitty for no reason at all. It sucks.  My Vancouver life is pretty good, so the feeling shitty thing is a big WTF for me. Some douchebags say “it is the saddest time of the year” and the bad weather can […]

B.C. Snowboarding for accident prone Ontarians who are afraid of heights

Ever since I moved to Vancouver in September, 2006, I have had a slight interest in trying out snowboarding on one of the many mountains in the general vicinity. There are a couple of problems: 1) I am afraid of heights 2) I am extremely accident prone (more on this in a moment!) 3) I […]

RETRO LEORA WORDS: There was a time with life was simple; I was a block of cheddar.

I found the following. It is an old blog entry from 5 years ago when I had just started going to university and was majoring in English. My failed attempt at being Kafkaesque is at least somewhat existential, I guess. “Here is the super short story I wrote for a different class where we had […]

Real-life reenactment of the Contra Code & No Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account two days ago because I realized my use of it was resulting in hours of procrastination. For example: – 1 + hour bus ride to and from UBC each day; instead of reading, I would use Facebook on my phone – get home from school and spend an hour bumming […]

In the meantime

Oh hey. I cleared house. All old entries are now gone, and the stuff below is just crap from my barely-used Tumblr that I have imported. I don’t think this blog will be particularly tumblr-y, but it’s now to said seldom-used account, so the occasional stupid picture might pop up. Stay tuned?

I wanted to post a picture of Kermit the Frog on my mom’s Facebook…

I made my friend a cake that looks like nachos for his birthday. 

tomasdelbalso: the real hunt- the hunters have become the hunted

Party party!

Freestyling in the boudoir

At my house. East Vancouver special.

Being too rational about accepting gifts

My mom just came back from Paris and has €60 leftover.  I am going to be in Vienna next month, so she generously offered to mail her remaining money across Canada to me. While [I think] most people would gladly accept such a gift, I didn’t feel like it was necessarily in my mom’s best […]

Freudian typos?

“Earth’s EATMOSPHERE”. I am not sure how I managed that one, but I refused to change the mistake.

Large Hamburgers

The Hamburger bed: Claes Oldenburg’s giant hamburger ([formerly?]on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario) A hamburgercycle A meal for the whole family