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Grad school thus far.

A week and a half: wrap up

Sensory deprivation in Vienna

So, if my ex is a serial monogamist, was his love for me even real?

Poisson d'Avril

Funky Towel

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board still sucks and still doesn't really want to help victims of crime.

emo jerk/pseudoscience bullshit/penguins/cheer up, asshole.

B.C. Snowboarding for accident prone Ontarians who are afraid of heights

RETRO LEORA WORDS: There was a time with life was simple; I was a block of cheddar.

Real-life reenactment of the Contra Code & No Facebook

In the meantime

I wanted to post a picture of Kermit the Frog on my mom's Facebook...

I made my friend a cake that looks like nachos for his birthday. 

tomasdelbalso: the real hunt- the hunters have become the hunted

Party party!

Freestyling in the boudoir

Being too rational about accepting gifts

Freudian typos?